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Processing method of screw auger conveying machinery


       Processing method of screw auger conveying machinery
We all know that the screw conveyor appeared stuffy material occurs, the screw conveyor is a continuous conveying machinery, due to the continuous conveyor in the method and direction of working principle, layout features, materials and a series of other characteristics are different, so the variety.
The most common failure of screw conveyor is blocking. There are many reasons for the screw conveyor jam, the following Jinyang environmental protection machinery Co., Ltd. here to introduce the emergence of the screw conveyor under emergency treatment methods:
1 at the discharge end cover is provided with a blocking valve.
2 strict implementation of the operating procedures, so that no load start, no-load parking; to ensure continuous feed average.
3 jam occurs, because the material accumulation, open top anti blocking door, with the stroke switch after dump.
4 transverse dimensions as far as possible to narrow the center hanging bearing, in order to reduce the material after the center bearing plugging may.
5 reasonable choice of technical parameters, such as slow speed can not be too large.
6 to enter the conveyor material necessary to clean up, to prevent large impurities or fibrous impurities into the machine caused by obstruction.
7 installation bin level and blocking sensor, complete automatic control and alarm.
8 increase the discharge port or the extension of the end of the trough, in order to solve the problem of poor discharge or too late nesting.
9 in the discharge mouth of the end of the installation of a small section of the counter rotating blades, in order to prevent end block.