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Chain plate conveyor is widely used in the inevitable trend of the beverage indu


       Chain plate conveyor is widely used in the inevitable trend of the beverage industry
With the development of modern chain conveyor and the demand of the market, the development of the beverage industry is also more and more extensive, with fruit and vegetable beverages, tea drinks, beer, sports drinks and carbonated drinks, etc.. The beverage chain conveyor can meet the beverage labeling, filling, cleaning and other transportation equipment of the single delivery requirements, also can make separate into columns and walk slowly, resulting in storage capacity, to meet a large number of feed sterilization, storage bottle, bottle cooler the requirements, we will end two can be made of chain conveyor mixed chain overlapping, the bottles (cans) in the dynamic transition state, the transmission line is not retained the bottle, the empty bottle can meet the pressure and pressure free conveying.
As a professional production of chain conveyor manufacturers, Shanghai Yuanxu packing machinery according to the development trend of beverage market analysis of the chain conveyor in to the following:
(1) the chain conveyor needs to adapt to the change of products; the chain conveyor must have the very high flexibility and flexibility, allowing the production line of a certain size range size can change the main packaging. Because the life cycle of the product is much shorter than the service life of the equipment, the change of the product and packaging will not replace the expensive packaging production line.
(2) when the transport machinery and equipment appear common fault should be fast and fast elimination. The solution is input into the computer in advance, and the common faults can be diagnosed automatically. Remote diagnosis and troubleshooting.
(3) mechanical equipment is required to have good identification function. On the one hand, it can automatically identify the thickness of the packaging material, hardness, rebound, etc., through the computer feedback to the hand of the device speed range, to ensure that no rebound. On the other hand, a variety of different products, such as different shapes of chocolate or snacks, etc., installed in the same box, the arrangement of regular. Belt production line of the product is out of order, the probe scan. To determine the different shape of the material position, and then feedback to the manipulator, it can accurately convey the goods according to the position and direction accurately into the tray, fast and accurate, visual fatigue and finger out the manual operation.
(4) higher requirements on production efficiency. This can reduce the cost of products to meet the delivery date. High speed packaging machine requirements with the previous procedure to have the relevant connection, does not have to transport links, including the control interface, the entire production line according to production and packaging processes arranged to do reverse startup, shutdown sequence. If the cold filling production line of plastic raw materials from the line to the automatic beverage filling, packaging and palletizing automatically in a closed workshop for.
(5) to minimize environmental pollution. Reduce noise, dust pollution, and minimize waste, which is particularly important in food processing. Food raw materials in the processing of harvest is not only the main products, such as corn processing products, in addition to corn starch, and corn oil, salad oil, margarine, glucose, corn protein and feed to Xiamen, sewage treatment and other production bases for process automation. No waste, no pollution, the value of other products has greatly exceeded the value of corn starch. In short, automation, high efficiency, energy saving will be the common pursuit of food and packaging machinery manufacturers.
A number of fruit juice beverage brands to choose the conveyor chain conveyor to carry out the main reasons for the following reasons. The first is the cost of investment of beverage production line has been the beverage industry concern, along with the development of modern science and technology and the rise of some of the material conveying equipment price is the natural beverage production line users are most concerned about the issue of. The beverage chain conveyor advantage in conveying all kinds of beverage bottles, PET bottles, cans and other materials, can also transport types of bags, not only has a conveying surface smooth, friction material in the conveying line also has a smooth transition. In addition, the beverage chain conveyor is mainly made of stainless steel and engineering plastics, and has a wide variety of specifications. It can also be used to meet the different needs of different industries in accordance with the requirements of the process of conveying materials.
The beverage chain conveyor can be used for beverage industry widely, but also because of the direct water washed or soaked in water directly, in clean than other transportation equipment more convenient, the most important is to satisfy all kinds of food industry and beverage industry safety standards and hygiene requirements. In the transportation of the layout of the equipment is very flexible, can be in a conveyor line to complete the level, tilt and turn delivery.
Again because of conveying all kinds of drinks have different needs, such as turning, falling, lifting and conveying; chain conveyor can also choose different width, according to the product requirements of different chain plate and different materials such as carbon steel chain plate, flat top chain, chain, chain plates, roof straight roller chain plate, Tetra Pak the special chain plate, magnetic turning chain plate, antiskid chain plate and special needs anti-static chain plate, to complete the plane transportation, plane curve, and enhance the downward transport requirements respectively, which is the chain conveyor is widely used in the beverage industry is the main reason.
According to the beverage industry, the market is not fully analyzed, and now the development trend of beverage chain conveyor is toward a higher quality and speed, higher accuracy and towards the development of large-scale beverage equipment pipeline. In order to meet the needs of the beverage industry production, in order to obtain the best economic benefits, the beverage chain conveyor is getting more and more.