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The configuration of the server in the centralized control system


       The configuration of the man-machine interface using library and control Kingview, the belt conveyor production process and parameters of visualization, real-time rendering, the user at a glance on the production process of belt conveyor. The main screen parameters of belt conveyor speed sensor, temperature sensor, tension sensor, longitudinal tear sensor, coal heap sensors, smoke sensor deviation sensor.
The display and setting of the parameters of the main interface of the monitoring system can be mapped by defining the variables and the data space of the PLC. Display and print function curve of history is the history curve control using Kingview comes to complete the parameter variable saved settings into a record, the software will store the data according to the operation records set, complete historical curve display and print.
The Kingview project browser, select the left "project directory display area" in the "system configuration" of the "network configuration, configure the network parameters. After the completion of the local computer in the network will have a login server, I/O server, alarm server and the history of the data server, but also to achieve the function of historical data backup.
The Kingview project browser, select the left side of the project directory display area "system configuration" network configuration "," the node name "must be the IP address of the local computer, and the network parameters and the parameters of network server must be the same. In the "login server" behind the drop-down box to select the IP address of the server, set to complete, the machine is a I/O server client, but also the alarm server and record server client.