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Analysis of the important application of soft drive in conveyor belt


       Soft drive is to be able to make the belt conveyor according to the acceleration curve as required and the start time of starting and braking belt conveyor, belt conveyor to achieve stable operation, reduce the transportation of equipment and the impact of. At present, there are 3 kinds of soft driving modes of belt conveyor: liquid viscous soft start device.
As long as the frequency range of control and frequency change, the conveyor can be set in accordance with the set of the speed curve smoothly, to achieve the soft start and soft braking. Its main features are:
According to the preset curve, it can realize the controllable soft start and soft stop;
The control response of the transient speed and torque is fast and stable, and the tension of the tape is reduced to the maximum extent, and the safety factor is increased by about 1.5;
The output speed can be adjusted in a large range, and the stable speed can be adjusted from 6 to 200, which provides the conditions for installation, commissioning, maintenance and slow inspection;
The multi machine power balance performance, the balance precision is less than or equal to 2.