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On the oil management of conveyor


       In the operation of hanging bearing screw conveyor, according to the characteristics of equipment used to determine a reasonable amount of oil. Reasonable determination of oil supply cycle and replacement period. Strict measures to prevent oil spills and forget refueling. Often check whether the oil spill, to prevent oil mixed with impurities, clear oil varieties, to prevent mixing oil. To seek a reasonable way to feed oil, determine the order of the oil, oil supply methods and apparatus. Mark the oil feeding device, indicate the variety and time, so as not to make mistakes.
Conveyor oil management points:
(1) to ensure that the oil purifier can work effectively.
(2) the performance requirements of oil are up to standard, and the performance of oil is analyzed periodically.
(3) timely replacement of waste oil.
For the preservation and management of lubricants, it is necessary to set up a special lubricant warehouse to store oil. The warehouse should be kept clean, the container cap is tight and to minimize dust, sand and other impurities into the oil. In the storage and transportation of lubricating oil or flip chip transceiver should ensure the container and filling, cleaning tools, prevent moisture, dust, rust into the oil.
The lubricant into the factory, to recheck physicochemical indexes of oil, lubricant re lubrication is more important important. Lubricant in the storing process, you have to separate the different types and different grades of grease, and have obvious signs, in order to prevent misuse.