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Conveying machinery is very important in the transportation industry


       Turning conveyor has many different materials, so it can be applied to different working environment, the application of a wide range of. Where it is well used in the biscuit machine and leisure food processing machinery and other industries, including it in the food processing industry is a very good application widely used in cookies and snack food processing turning conveyor biscuits, ShaQima, Taosu, fresh and dried fruits, chocolate, sea kelp, the other day, seafood, candy products fried, cleaning, drying, baking, packing, transportation etc..
Turning conveyor in normal work, as a result of the heat transfer material temperature increases, the intensity of the conveyor belt is gradually decreased with the increase of temperature. The restriction of the use of stainless steel turning conveyor will depend on the temperature of the material and the rotation of the conveyor and the temperature of the material. When the temperature is over 400 DEG C will affect the service life of the stainless steel belt conveyor belt conveyor consult stainless steel manufacturers, in general, stainless steel belt conveyor is high temperature resistant, so at 400 deg.c will not affect its service life, but because of the different manufacturing processes, stainless steel conveyor manufacturers made the turn life is different.