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       Today we will talk about how to deal with the spiral conveyor machinery
1, reproduced at the point of the material
(1) the material at the point of transfer is mainly in the hopper, guide trough, etc.;
(2) if the screw conveyor is seriously overloaded, the guide groove of the screw conveyor is damaged by the rubber apron, and the steel plate of the guide groove is far away from the belt, so that the material is out of the guide groove;
(3) the above conditions can be solved on the basis of the control of transport capacity.
2, concave section of the suspended material
(1) the concave belt interval when the concave curvature radius is small make belt have suspended, this belt trough situation changes, because the belt has left the grooved roller group, general groove angle becomes smaller, the portion of the material thrown out;
(2) in order to avoid the occurrence of such a situation, the larger curvature radius of the concave section should be used as much as possible in the design phase;
(3) as in the mobile mechanical loading machine, stacker and Reclaimer equipment in order to shorten the tail car and will be here designed without concave arc transition interval, when the width is more than the hour is easier to spread.